Friday, April 30, 2010

The very bad, horrible, no good day.

Thursday was rough. I had a Domer networking breakfast at 7am and a group interview at 5:30. I was prepared to walk/take light-rail. Walk outside at 6:30 and it is snowing/raining. My umbrella does not open all the way. Fine, I'll just drive. I got to the Delectable Egg a bit before 7 and ask the hostess if anyone is here yet for the ND event. She says no, but they do have a reservation at 7 for 6. I wait -- it's not ND. 7:15 I finally just ask to be seated. The hostess asks if I knew there were two Delectable Eggs downtown. No, I did not. Lame.

I leave work early in case traffic is bad due to snow/rain. I find the building and wait in a Starbucks. I walk in to the office a bit before my interview is supposed to start -- empty office except for one guy in the back office on the phone. Oh, that must be him. I'll just wait for everyone else to get here. I count 11 different fake flower arrangements. At 5:30, he is still on the phone and I am still the only person there. Not good. Turns out the interview was yesterday and I am a moron. :(

Good news -- the boy took me out for tapas to cheer me up.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Food Blogs

Somehow, I am late on the bandwagon. I just discovered food blogs about three weeks ago. I love them. It fascinates me what other people eat and why. Mostly, I've been inspired to focus more on fresh fruit and veg. Jake and I had gotten into a bit of rut. Chicken Tandoori is currently marinating in the fridge. :) I doubt I'll start taking pictures of every meal I eat, but I might post some more pictures of recipe successes.

I had a very good weekend. Saturday was spent lazing about, then meeting friends for drinks. We migrated from beer and pizza to margaritas and tacos, then back to Jake's for home brew and cookies. Rock Band was discussed, but I'd had two drinks and was too comfy to rock out. Two of those who came are still in law school and gearing up for finals. I am glad that part of my life is behind me, even though I (not-so) secretly loved school. I'm glad the pressure of grades is over. Sunday I got in an early yoga session and then met C for brunch. The biscuits were amazing. The afternoon was spent running errands. I got a new yoga mat (mine is 4 years old and came from a cereal box), a new i-pod adapter for my car and some more scrapbooking stuff. Now I just have to scrapbook.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Victory, finally

I finally closed a few cases at work that have been going on for months. My two big ones were a lot of work, a lot of back and forth and a lot of conviction that my client needed help. Luckily, both of the cases were victorious; client got what they wanted. It's good to feel I was able to actually accomplish something. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wait, what?

I have only a month left at CLS. My fellowship thingy ends on May 21st. I've been looking at job postings recently and thinking more about hanging my own shingle. I sent in my resume in response to a post on CraigsList. Small firm looking for estate planning attorney - at least three years experience. I have three months.

Last night, I got a phone call from a local number I didn't recognize. I assumed it was the woman I've been playing phone tag with regarding a rental property. Imagine my surprise when it was the receptionist at the firm, inviting me to come interview next week! It's a group interview, which should be interesting.



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I promise I'll post more later.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shiny and newish

This is my shiny newish car! Basically a white version on my old car, but with AWD and a V6. Upgrade. I test-drove over 7 different cars and didn't find anything I loved. I was ready to put money down on a RAV4, but the salesmen wasn't willing to bring the price down at all. So, I walked out and went back to Saturn. Mom's worried I'll lose it in the snow. :)