Thursday, May 5, 2011

You want how big a check?

I do have a good excuse for not posting recently, I swear.

Jake and I bought a house!!! Well, we're under contract for one, at least. We started house hunting about three weeks ago, with the idea we'd start slow and not rush into anything. After seeing about 20 houses, we found one we really like.

It's in a fun neighborhood right outside of downtown. The house was built in 1895 and was totally redone. One of our favorite things is the gorgeous open kitchen. We made the offer on Saturday, only to find out that there were two other competing bids. Wah wah. But, thanks to our having already lined up the loan application, we won with our second bid! :) We had to pull lots of paperwork and financial info. Now we're trying to get out of leases early, setting up inspections, and, oh, yeah, planning a wedding.

On that front, we got our officiant officially signed up. And, I figured out the wedding band conundrum. My engagement ring was designed by Jake and none of the ready made wedding bands I was looking at worked. After some googling, I found a jeweler in Denver with a strong background in custom design. As soon as I met the guy, I felt comfortable. He looked at my ring and immediately said, "there is one premade band to try, but I think you'll want custom." Much better than the other stores that kept showing me super shiny bands that clashed. The band is going to match the design of my engagement ring, which meant I had to leave my ring behind for the jeweler to sketch and make a wax mold. My left hand feels naked! Oh well, I'll have it back in a few weeks. :)