Friday, July 31, 2009

super awkward

Yesterday I was driving around Denver, running some errands. My gas light came on and I vaguely remembered a gas station at a certain point. (Denver has few gas stations where I want them to be.) It takes driving round a block once, but I get there. I pull into a spot and hear a little bell chime. "Weird," I say to myself. Then I see the guy come out of the station. Turns out I was in the Full Service area. I didn't even know they still had those.
The guy comes up to my window. What is the protocol for this? Can I just get out and pump my own? But then I'm denying the guy space to make tips. Could I move to another spot?
I got flustered and just handed him my credit card and said "Regular, please." Then he asked if I wanted him to check tires or under the hood. Again, flustered. "Um, no thanks." He then commented on my Southern "kindness." I smiled and used my fake southern drawl to say thank you. I drove off in a fit of giggles.
What would you have done?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just moved over to Blogspot from lj since most people are now using blogspot. The lengths I go to.

Also, did I mention yet that I am DONE with the bar? It was a crazy two days. The first day encompassed eight essays and two MPTs. The essays were fine, except there was one where I wasn't really sure what one part was asking. Other people were also confused, so I feel ok about that. The MPTs were fine -- it gives you a file and asks you to read, comprehend and follow directions. Day two was 200 multiple choice questions. I'm comfortable about passing.

To celebrate, some friends came over for drinking and rock band.

I now have several days to recoup, do laundry and pack for Europe!