Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do old people like more than free food?

Trick question - nothing!

While all the cool kids are in Chicago at the Healthy Living Summit, I hung out with my people. That's right, I attended Senior Law Day! 1700 elders and myself had a blast scoring free swag and bags of potato chips. I almost lost an arm when I was too slow picking a bagel in the breakfast line. Luckily, I was trained by the best (my dad) and got into my old-person mindset. This included grabbing and stowing 3 granola bars, one bag of chips, homemade peanut brittle and some candy. I restrained myself and did not steal any tea bags. I did grab a muffin to wrap up in a napkin and take home, but I got hungry/bored waiting for the first speaker, so I ate it. :)

Other swag included information on reverse mortgages, living wills and whether I was ready for retirement. There were over 23 separate sessions, but you could only attend 4. Once again, I was reminded why I want to practice Elder Law - the people who do are amazing and you are providing a real service.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nerd alert and something sappy

True story: I just found Inuyasha is on Hulu - all 170+ episodes. I may never work again.

Also, in exactly 365 days, I'll be marrying my best friend!

Did I mention that for my 24th birthday, he threw me a surprise party where he cooked like 8 courses for everyone? And this was before we were dating! Can you see why I'm marrying him?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

manual emergency

Today I had the mission of moving Jake's car from its spot on the street to a spot around the block. Why? To avoid street sweeping day. As y'all know, Jake has abandoned me for the week to gallivant around Alaska and kayak. When I asked him what to do about moving the car, he said "You can do it!" I told him of course I could move his car. Only problem, his car is manual. Now, I've had a lesson on manual, but it was two years ago. As I got into his car this afternoon to move it, the problem became abundantly clear.

First I could not get his car to start. "Great," I thought to myself. "I've broken his car." After a little internet research, (Thank you, Wikipedia!) I learned I needed to push the clutch all the way in, AND have the car in neutral.

Second attempt, I got the car started. "Yes! Victory is mine!" Wah wah. No. I couldn't get the car to shift from neutral to first without it making horrible noises and dying on me. Of course, it didn't help that I had an audience for this. Two guys working on the house next door must think I'm crazy or completely incompetent. I'm not sure which I'd prefer...

This is how I felt.

I knew I needed to do something to turn my luck around. Time to bake! Luckily, Tina posted this recipe earlier. I didn't have any sweet potatoes, so I used 1/3 cup peanut butter and 2/3 cup plain yogurt instead. Delicious!

I decided to try my luck one more time. I read the wiki article again and headed out. I got the car started! I got it into first gear! I stalled at the first stop sign.

As I waved the lady behind me around, she asked if everything was alright. I nodded, smiled, and took a deep breath. This time I got the car started! I got it into first gear! I didn't really stop at either of the other two stop signs (no other cars were around and I was turning right). I didn't take the car out of first. Yes, I went awkwardly slow. I kept sweet talking the car around the block. Finally, I pulled the car into a spot twenty yards away from her original resting place! VICTORY! I just have to do this all over again on Thursday. The perils of living in the city.

Did I mention I was shaking by the time I got out of the car? I was. I went inside and administered one oatmeal/raisin/coconut/peanut butter cookie and felt like this.

Please excuse the shininess. Sometimes, I have an eerily alien glow about me. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gripes and joy in the little things

First off - gripes
  • I left home at 7:45am and returned at 8:15pm.
  • I stayed late because I was waiting on my coworker to finish up a project before I could finish my part of the project. She chatted to the plant guy for 45 minutes, then orchestrated phone calls for 30 minutes for personal business.
  • The boy is off kayaking in Alaska for the week and will not have cell service for a week. I already miss him terribly. :(
And now: joys!
  • Because I ended up staying late at work, I ran across the street to grab dinner. I went to Mad Greens - a first for me. I had a delicious salad!
  • This is our first Valentine's day-over three years ago! It always makes me smile. :)
  • I hope y'all are finding joy in little things today!