Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy Beautiful Life

Yep,  my title is a Ke$ha song.  Her songs are crazy catchy, and I've accepted my love for her.  :)

I attended BLEND retreat last weekend and had an amazing time connecting with fellow bloggers.  The retreat reanimated my desire to blog.  Maybe my next post will even have pictures?  I also met a bunch of Colorado bloggers.  Hi ladies! 

Life is crazy right now.  I had an interview last Wednesday, got the job Friday before heading out to BLEND, and started work on Monday.  After my first full week, I have a bit better feel of it.  It was very odd to go from part-time work (including telecommuting), to working 50 hours a week, in a suit.  My feet are not happy about being in heels all the time, but they'll get used to it again. 

I spent a chunk of yesterday prepping for the upcoming week.  Laundry, cleaning bathrooms and meal prepping were key.  There were two nights last week were nothing was planned, but I managed to pull something out of the pantry.  I made sure to stock up on some pantry staples.  I made a quinoa and lentil salad to take for lunches, and a huge amount of enchiladas so that dinner will be ready a few nights this week.