Thursday, March 14, 2013

Under Contract

Things are a bit crazy over here.  My husband and I are under contract on a little condo in the mountains!  After viewing over twenty condos and making offers on two places, our third offer was accepted.  This means we are busy putting together all the loan info, scheduling inspections, and day-dreaming about decorating. 

We are a bit disappointed that we won't get to move in until after ski season, but plan on using it a lot this summer between mountain biking and kayaking (hanging out in the hot tub).  Bonus, the HOA allows owner's pets, so Atticus will get to explore with us! 

We are worried the drive up with him might be a disaster if he just whines the whole time.  Yep, he continues to be the most talkative cat I have ever met (alright, and the cutest).  He is currently in my lap, slowly shoving the laptop farther and farther away.

Springtime in Colorado continues to be a guessing game. Tuesday morning we woke up to unexpected snow that threw everyone's commute off.  Then it was sunny and in the 40s all afternoon.  The weather certainly keeps us on our toes!