Friday, July 31, 2009

super awkward

Yesterday I was driving around Denver, running some errands. My gas light came on and I vaguely remembered a gas station at a certain point. (Denver has few gas stations where I want them to be.) It takes driving round a block once, but I get there. I pull into a spot and hear a little bell chime. "Weird," I say to myself. Then I see the guy come out of the station. Turns out I was in the Full Service area. I didn't even know they still had those.
The guy comes up to my window. What is the protocol for this? Can I just get out and pump my own? But then I'm denying the guy space to make tips. Could I move to another spot?
I got flustered and just handed him my credit card and said "Regular, please." Then he asked if I wanted him to check tires or under the hood. Again, flustered. "Um, no thanks." He then commented on my Southern "kindness." I smiled and used my fake southern drawl to say thank you. I drove off in a fit of giggles.
What would you have done?

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  1. Tipped a buck or two? Not sure. I only get full service when I'm forced to by Jersey. And I don't tip, because I'm being forced to, by Jersey. Damn Jersey!