Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How many rings is he wearing?

Sunday night I went along with a few people to an open mic night/poetry slam. Having never been to one before, I did not know what to expect. I was very impressed with the open mic in general. Several people were very good, including a 70 year old grandpa who cursed like a sailor and a 20 year old wannabe gangsta with the voice of an angel. We left before the poetry slam -- it cost ten bucks and was a special youth edition. I didn't think I could handle a bunch of 16 year old emo kids expressing how dark and meaningless their lives were.
However, I think the highlight of the evening would have to be WizardMan! An older gentleman, wearing blue velvet robes, complete with gold rope sash. He had a full white beard and wore four giant rings on each hand. He was passing out cards that advertised his tarot readings in the red room. He might have overtaken Heebel's dragon ring. :)

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