Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Recap: Rehearsal Dinner

Hi y'all! This is the first of my wedding recaps. This one focuses on the rehearsal Friday night.

This is the Villa, where we held the ceremony, and where everyone stayed (all 48 of us!) for the weeekend. We started the rehearsal around 6, when we hoped to hold the ceremony the next day. Jake and I really wanted to be outdoors. In Colorado, gorgeous views abound and we wanted to celebrate where we currently live.

Dad, Karl and I waiting for our cues in our mafia sunglasses. Can you tell I got my mother's height?

Once we got the music figured out (played by my uncle), we started.

Karl and Mom

Jake and his mom

Dad and I and my high heels negotiating the tiny steps

This is when we worried none of the guests would be able to actually see the ceremony due to sunlight. But it's so pretty!

The rehearsal went well. We ironed out some kinks and got through the readings and blessings (more on those later).

After the rehearsal, it was time to eat! Jake's parents spent the afternoon prepping for it. Jake's dad is an avid fisherman and known for his fried fish. We asked Jake's parents if they would do a fish fry for us.

All hands in the kitchen! We had enough fried fish to feed three times as many people. Delicious!

I hope to post more wedding recaps this week. Be on the lookout for "The Cake(s)," "The Ceremony," "The Reception," and "Odds and Ends." You don't want to miss the cake!