Sunday, October 11, 2009

I passed the Bar!

Thursday morning was rough. The page said the results would be up no sooner than 9 am. So of course, I was refreshing the page every 30 seconds. After a grueling 11 minutes, my name appeared on the magic list. YES! Jake and I had a shot of tequila to celebrate before he ran to work. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. I refused to do anything job-hunting related, so ended up watching tv all day. I met up with J and several of his co-workers, who had also just passed, for a happy hour. We then moved on to a fancy steak dinner to celebrate.

The rest of the weekend has not been nearly as much fun. I might have had a minor meltdown Friday night over a variety of things. . . There were two events planned for Saturday. One got moved to Sunday afternoon, but the other got canceled. This left J and me with nothing to do but watch bad movies. We watched 1/2 of Bad Boys and all of Transformers 2. The only good thing we watched was Monster Camp - a documentary about in Seattle (think live action Dungeons and Dragons). It did snow Saturday, so the city is quite pretty.

The upcoming week should be fun. I'm meeting up with cousins in the area to talk about skiing options and watch chick flicks, then the end of the week is blocked out for C and P's wedding!

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