Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's official -- I can practice law in CO!

Yesterday was the swearing-in ceremony. The ceremony itself was fine, about 45 minutes. Lots of attorneys from courts and bar associations gave quick congratulatory speeches. The CJ officiated our oaths and then we were official.

Aren't we cute?

Mom even managed to get me flowers from a thousand miles away. Mom is friends with the mother of one of Jake's fellow clerks. The other mother came to see her own daughter sworn in, and brought flowers for me, from my mom. Complicated, but very appreciated.

After celebratory drinks with Preston, we met his wife for a pizza dinner. Delicious. J fell asleep while I watched Interview with a Vampire to get into the Halloween spirit.


  1. SO happy for you both!

    And also I fixed my goof and added you to my google reader. Now I'm following your life in (almost) real time! :)