Friday, January 22, 2010


Birthday weekend was great. Jake and I went to Parallel 17, a Vietnamese bistro and enjoyed tons of food. Their pork buns are amazing! The weekend was spent skiing at a variety of locations. Keystone had no snow. A Basin was surprisingly fun. Vail's back bowls were not crowded and we got in some good runs. I did a black run at Vail, twice! Then I got tired and let the others continue on the blacks while I stuck to some blues. Jake and I decided to wait out the traffic back to Denver and saw Avatar in Frisco. I enjoyed the movie, but was struck by similarities to Fern Gully.

Back in town, my computer decided it was full of viruses and needed to have a complete melt-down. I managed to get my documents off of it, but am now waiting for Dell to send my an OS disc that will hopefully make lappy run again. I do not want to buy a new laptop right now.

I got to hang out with Lizzie and Ches at a wedding band showcase. As I described this to other people, they all thought I meant wedding band as in ring, not as in musical band. The musical bands were very entertaining. Any of the three will be great entertainment come Lizzie's nuptials.

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