Monday, March 29, 2010

"I brought a bed bug in a bag."

Car shopping continues. I'm down to a Vue and a RAV4. I test drove about 11 cars and didn't love any of them. They were either fine, or I knew I didn't want it. When I test drove my first Vue, I loved it. Oh well. I'll be happy with either.

One of my clients today brought in a bed bug to show me. You should know, I am not a bug person. A week at camp turned into a week in the hospital because of them. Saturday night, I'd convinced myself there were bed bugs on me and itched all night. J did not appreciate all of the thrashing about. And today, I actually held one. I managed to keep my cool, but immediately threw the bag containing the bug into the outside trash can. Shivers. Hopefully, tomorrow will be bug-free.

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