Monday, August 2, 2010

Gripes and joy in the little things

First off - gripes
  • I left home at 7:45am and returned at 8:15pm.
  • I stayed late because I was waiting on my coworker to finish up a project before I could finish my part of the project. She chatted to the plant guy for 45 minutes, then orchestrated phone calls for 30 minutes for personal business.
  • The boy is off kayaking in Alaska for the week and will not have cell service for a week. I already miss him terribly. :(
And now: joys!
  • Because I ended up staying late at work, I ran across the street to grab dinner. I went to Mad Greens - a first for me. I had a delicious salad!
  • This is our first Valentine's day-over three years ago! It always makes me smile. :)
  • I hope y'all are finding joy in little things today!


  1. I love Mad Greens! Did you try the Aphrodite?