Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do old people like more than free food?

Trick question - nothing!

While all the cool kids are in Chicago at the Healthy Living Summit, I hung out with my people. That's right, I attended Senior Law Day! 1700 elders and myself had a blast scoring free swag and bags of potato chips. I almost lost an arm when I was too slow picking a bagel in the breakfast line. Luckily, I was trained by the best (my dad) and got into my old-person mindset. This included grabbing and stowing 3 granola bars, one bag of chips, homemade peanut brittle and some candy. I restrained myself and did not steal any tea bags. I did grab a muffin to wrap up in a napkin and take home, but I got hungry/bored waiting for the first speaker, so I ate it. :)

Other swag included information on reverse mortgages, living wills and whether I was ready for retirement. There were over 23 separate sessions, but you could only attend 4. Once again, I was reminded why I want to practice Elder Law - the people who do are amazing and you are providing a real service.

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  1. Free food is definitely the best kind of food!