Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebration Food Part 2

And the celebration continues! We went out to Mizuna for their tasting menu last night. Before hand, we cleaned J's apartment and drank proseco. We know how to party in style. Last night was to celebrate J accepting a position with the DA's office. Before we left for dinner, I got a call that I have an interview! Actually the same position I was supposed to interview for a few weeks ago. They reposted the ad on craigslist and I reapplied. :) Nice to know I didn't totally blow it with bad calendaring skills.

No pictures from Mizuna dinner, but please believe it was delicious. Our server said "bon appetite" before each course, which got a little old, but was great other than that. J had a few 1/2 glasses of wine with courses, I stuck with a glass of riesling.
First course: 5 tastes, each from a different chef. First bite was crab with sesame seeds (amazing). Second bit was a salmon dip (ok). Third bit was an incredible piece of blue fin tuna. Fourth was a spring pea crostini. Last was a truffle quiche. The crab dominated for me.
Second course: a perfectly seared scallop with caramelized fennel. So good.
Third course: hand made cavatappi pasta with grilled prawns. Delicious.
Fourth course: lightly sauteed halibut, wrapped with a sliver of prosciuttio, served with morel mushrooms. I think this course was my favorite. The fish was perfectly cooked and so tender.
Fifth course: palate cleanser of blueberry fizzy drink and grapefruit sorbet. The sorbet tasted like grapefruit pith. Not a fan.
Sixth course: Beef with mushroom duxelles and horseradish cream. I thought my heart was going to explode. I gave most of mine to the boy. I was feeling really full at this point.
Seventh course: dessert of deconstructed apple pie. Good, but not amazing.
Two cookies, warm from the oven, came with our check. Yum.

Dinner took about 2.5 hours and was worth every penny. I love celebrating with food.


  1. Congrats on the interview!!

    All that food sounds fantastic!!!!!

  2. Congrats on the position!! That's wonderful news!

    Thanks for all the lovely comments the past week (and beyond)...I really appreciate your support and reading them :)