Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last Wednesday night was the Pink Party! Big rosé wine tasting party. Everybody was to wear pink. There were over 15 tables of multiple rosés to try. Some bubbly, some tart, some dessert-wine sweet. People went all out. Lots of pink wigs, pink balloons and pink party dresses.

We went with friends who definitely got the memo.

I apparently was not paying attention...

See? I'm barely wearing any pink at all! Disaster. I could have outfitted an army in hardcore pink, but I dropped the ball and wore a smidge of pink in a pattern on my shirt.

Oh well, I was proud to see my favorite color so well represented. And the wine wasn't half-bad either. :)


  1. Wine and Pink. Two of my fave things! What GREAT pics, love them!

    Thanks for your near daily lovely comments to me....muah!! all of them are wonderful!