Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cheeseburger in Paradise

I might have had a cheeseburger for dinner three nights in a row over the weekend. Marzyck's, My Brother's Bar and a birthday bbq. Don't worry, I made sure to have salads and greens the rest of the weekend.

Saturday Jake and I headed out to Confluence Park to meet up with cousin Lizzie and some other paddlers. Confluence Park is a play park for kayakers. I went along to carry things and take pictures. :)
Me posing by the shore. I think I missed a shot of the crazy/drunk guy who decided to run it in a play inflatable boat. He got lucky and didn't get dunked in the COLD water.

Lizzie battling for a wave. Group.

The weather out here has been crazy: 70 and sunny at noon, 35 and pouring later on. We even had a mud rain earlier last week. It was gross -- my car looks like I went off-roading.


  1. awesome photos! you guys are so brave! I'm pretty sure even a TINY wave would have me freaked!

  2. That looks like so much fun!! I would be scared!!!

  3. love these pics! thanks for the super comments the past few days :)