Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abandonment Issues

Yesterday a dear friend moved away. True, she moved to a fun city, near her family, and with a great job. However, she is no longer available to be my Indian buffet date and this saddens me.

Her leaving wouldn't be so bad, if three other girlfriends hadn't also moved away since June. That's right, 4 out of my 6 female friends have abandoned me. Bagel moved West. Ches moved back East. Lizzie moved North and Kim moved South. I pout.

Really what this means is that I need to work on making friends. I've been in Denver for over a year now and am really loving the city. I am looking into joining some groups. This will be my first experience trying to make friends outside of a school setting. We'll see how it goes.

Nobody else is allowed to move away for at least a year!

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  1. :-( I am sorry to hear that so many of your friends have moved away - that is not fun!