Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Christmas Recap

Hello lovelies!

I was a bad blogger and didn't post for too long. I had a wonderful vacation with Jake's family in Minnesota and my family in Atlanta.

We arrived in Minnesota after the state had just received a crazy amount of snow. Can you tell the snow drift is above my knees?

We got to spend lots of time with Jake's extended family, but also saved some time to play.

This little two-seat is Jake's dad's plane.

I went for a ride as co-pilot. I was given strict instructions not to touch anything!

That great stretch of white is the lake.

On Sunday, I left Minnesota for home. I somehow misplaced a lot of those photos.

Mom, Grandmere, Tia, and I saw Mannheim Steamroller perform at the Fox. They were incredible. You could tell the musicians were having a blast and the music was incredible! Great gift from Mom.

For the Notre Dame Bowl, Dad and I watched with his good friend, a double Domer. For the three of us, this is the amount of snacks Dad thought was necessary. :)

Cheese platter, trio of hummus, carrots, celery, pita chips, spinach dip, ranch dip, veggie fries and a cookie platter. :)

Notre Dame played really well and beat Miami! Go team!

As my early birthday gift, my parents got me an iPhone! I've been wanting one for awhile. My old Razr was starting to drop calls.

I feel so fancy now.

Billy Bob obviously did not want to be a model while I played with the camera feature.

He's still adorable.

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  1. That's a pretty sweet plane!!!! How fun that you got to be co-pilot!! Happy New Year to you!