Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet Big Blue

The laptop drought is finally over! On 1/13, I ordered a Lenovo from Office Depot. Delivery scheduled for 1/20. Still no laptop by 1/22 (Saturday). I call to check the status and am told "Oh, it's showing it shipped. We'll call Monday with further news." Monday comes and I get this call "Yeah, that Lenovo is back-ordered indefinitely."

Moral of the story, customer service will lie to you. I canceled my order and was determined to walk out of a store with a new computer that night.

I walked into Best Buy and pointed at this computer (previous second choice) and said "I want this one." Agent explains there are no more in stock in the state. "Fine, I'll take the floor model." Strange man tells me he admires my decisiveness. Agent tells me I get $55 off. I get distracted by the giant Bernese Mountain Dog wandering the store but make the purchase.

Meet Big Blue!

I am so excited to have a working laptop! It even has Word on it and a working version of iTunes! Yes, my last laptop had been on its last legs for awhile.

Hopefully, this will lead to better updating and better blogging. ;)

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