Friday, February 18, 2011


Whew. I managed to be quite productive this morning. I got my shot, called my landlord re: broken disposal, and got my oil changed! I had a coupon for an oil change, so I ended up driving to the suburbs instead of my normal garage.

Afterward, I spied with my little eye something ULTA! I needed new eyeliner. Seriously, mine is over 2 years old and making my eyes itch. I was greeted by giant signs of "FREE GIFT!" Sweet. If you spend $17.50 on Ulta brand makeup, you get to pick one of three free gifts.

So, this is what I bought: black eyeline, brown eyeliner with smudger, and black mascara. Total cost $26.

And here is what I got as my FREE GIFT: makeup bag, four brushes, travel mirror, two eyeshadow quads, two double-sided eyeliners, mascara, lipstick, double-sided lip gloss, blush AND a nail polish.

Not too shabby, especially since I bought makeup I 'needed' anyway.

After Ulta, I ran into a Ross. Y'all, I need it to be spring so I can wear these treasures. Wedge sandals and a pair of colorful gladiators. Best part - each pair was $16.99. Reason #18 I love Ross, great prices on shoes.

So that's my loot for the day. Now I need to crank out some quick work.

Have an incredible weekend, my lovelies!