Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hello lovelies! I hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I got home from work to find these on the table. Jake is not normally a flowers guy, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these beauties.

We were wavering back and forth on whether to go out or just stay in and cook together. We finally decided on Ototo's Wine Bar.

First we posed for a few pictures. :)

We decided on Ototo's because we'd walked by it several times and it never seemed full. We thought we had a shot at getting a table without a reservation. I am so glad we went! The food was amazing. Ototo does a variety of small plates, so we shared and got several things.

We started with two stone crab claws. My family is from Florida and stone crabs are an integral part of my memories of childhood Christmases. These were delicious. We also enjoyed a crispy tuna roll. Ototo is the third restaurant by the same two brothers. All three of the restaurants serve the crispy tuna roll - because it is amazing. The rice itself is fried, then covered with tuna, avocado, jalapeno and roe. So good. Our third starter was a selection of one meat and one cheese. We chose a smoked prosciutto and a tangy sheep's cheese. The plate came with pickles, olives, a few slices of apple, a crispy flatbread, some jam and the best honey I've ever tasted in my life. Jake and I truly enjoyed the dish. We were seated at the bar in front of the open kitchen and the chefs made sure we were enjoying everything.

Next up were scallops. Perfectly cooked, but they didn't make me as happy as the first three dishes.

Last, we tried Ototo's Egg in a Jar. The description sounded interesting, so we went for it. When it came, it looked so interesting I took a picture.

On top, there is an egg, with fish roe. Underneath is a layer of serrano ham and truffle whipped potatoes. You add some of the diced red onion and stir everything together. Then you serve it on the grilled bread. Amazing. This dish was so fun to eat and incredibly good.

Jake and I walked in to Ototo's with sort of low expectations. I was blown out of the water by how good everything was. It was a delicious and fun meal.

After dinner, I made Jake watch The Proposal. Excellent way to end the evening.