Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl and a Night Out

So Saturday night, Jake and I actually went out! Like, out for drinks with friends. It has been awhile since we went out on a Saturday night. I decided to get fancy. I finally got to wear my new sweater and belt.

True story: we were meeting a couple we'd only met once before, at a mutual friend's party. It's very awkward to try and spot people you've met once, two months ago. There were several, "is that them?" looks before we finally spotted them. We went to El Diablo, a Mexican place on Broadway with phenomenal margaritas. I had two to celebrate that I wasn't driving. :) I told Jake if he drove Saturday night, I'd drive for Superbowl fun.

Speaking of the Superbowl, I made several treats to take to a party.

I made Averie's Special K Bars, because they looked and sounded delicious and I wanted to try something new. First, I made a gooey mixture. Then I poured it over Special K.

Easy peasy and totally yummy.

Jessica's Better than Crack Brownies were requested by the hosts. Once again, they were a huge success.

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I managed to save a few to send to my folks for Valentine's Day. Now I just have to make it to the post office before I eat them all.


  1. I have wanted to make those brownies for a long time ... if people you know are requesting them, then they must be good!

  2. Yay, recipe day! So if I had to make one of these two recipes for book club next week, which one would you recommend?