Monday, February 11, 2013

San Fran Day 3!

Day 3 in San Francisco was all about the water.
First we headed out to Alcatraz island.   We found Pier 31 (after a stop for breakfast and the best coffee ever at the Ferry Building) and boarded the ferry.

  I think I was one of like 10 people who actually watched Alcatraz on Fox last year, so I was actually quite excited to see it. 
 Plus, any opportunity to nerd out with an audio tour and I am a happy girl.  Prisoners one the island included Al Capone and some crazy murderers.  The cells were very small - smaller than the width of the redwood yesterday!

Did you know the island was actually the site of an Native Indian occupation in the late 1960s?  Lots of tribes came together to claim Alcatraz island as their own.  The occupation lasted for about 15 months. 

Freedom was so close yet so far.  The tour said that prisoners could often hear parties from the mainland on calm nights.  

After the tour, we got back on the ferry and headed back to the mainland.  I was in search of one thing - sea lions! 


 Either way, incredibly cute (and loud). 

We crashed in our room for a late afternoon siesta then headed back out.
 Space ship art across from our hotel.  

The port of San Fransisco! 

After wandering a bit, we headed out to our fancy dinner at Michael Mina.  Dinner was amazing.  The highlights included the bread served with a ricotta-honey spread and the lobster pot-pie.  Seriously, the best lobster I ever had in my life.  Delicious. 

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