Wednesday, February 13, 2013

San Fran day 4

Our last day in San Fransisco was all about exploring.   We started with breakfast at Tartine.  We split pain du jambon (ham croissant) and a morning roll (orange muffin crossed with a cinnamon bun).  Crazy good, and the whole area knows it - there was even a line even on a random Tuesday morning. 
 We explored Mission Hill district and found a crazy pirate storefront.  The place is actually a non-profit writing center for kids, with a pirate them.  

Then Jake told me there were slides in a certain area we should go find.  Now, I was certain these slides were going to be like "Oh, there is a pool on the roof!" situations.  I did not trust the internet.  

Wrong move.  After hiking around a bit, we found them.  40 foot slides tucked away in a neighborhood. 

Fast slides. 

 Our next adventure was finding China town.

 We wandered a bit then picked up picnic supplies and headed to the coast to enjoy our last hours on the Pacific. 
It was a wonderful trip and I am so glad we went.  There was nature, museums, great food, interesting wine, and an amazing city. 

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