Saturday, February 2, 2013

San Francisco Day 2 aka the day of boozing it up.

We knew that neither of us wanted to be a designated driver on a day set aside from 11-4 for wine tasting.  So we were uber-fancy and hired a driver for the day.  It made the tasting easy peasy and stress free.  Here we are at a vineyard that is a converted hops barn. 
 This is why we hired a driver.  We rented a Corvette for the weekend and didn't want Jake to get into too much trouble.  :)

VML vineyard had beautiful labels.  They keep a designer on staff who does all of their labeling.

Still at VML, there was a lovely garden, live music, and delicious soup to enjoy. 

 After 4pm, we decided we needed to kill some time before Jake made the drive into San Francisco.  We found a nearby theater and saw Django Unchained.  We both enjoyed it, but knew going in how violent it was likely to be.  

When we arrived at our hotel in San Francisco, we were greeted with warm chocolate chip cookies and champagne to celebrate our anniversary!  We are very fancy, can't you tell? 

Oh, and here is a Muir Wood photo I just found.  Awesome bridge on top of a fallen giant tree.  

At this point, we now had 5 bottles of wine to get back home.  More to come (the next part we will actually be in San Francisco)!

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  1. Wow - what a car!! I love that it's white - I think white cars look the nicest.