Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Before and after

I decided my hair needed some shaping. I'm trying to grow it out a bit before the wedding, so I didn't want anything drastic.

Here's before: (just out of bed - no product)

Here's after with three different products in it: (what a difference natural lighting makes! I swear I didn't get my hair highlighted.)

Can you tell a difference? I wasn't crazy about how she styled it. I think she was a bit nonplussed when I told her I don't straighten my hair, nor do I use a diffuser on my blow dryer (I don't even use a blow dryer!). I think she realized I meant it when I said I'm lazy about my hair. I do like the cut. The bottom layer, which isn't very curly, was getting a bit shaggy. Best part - the cut was only $15! I go to the Aveda school and students get to practice on me. :)

After my haircut, I went to a bridal salon in Denver to check out their options. Unfortunately, they didn't have the dress I wanted to try on. In fact, they didn't have that many dresses, period. Oh well.

I moved on to preparing for tonight's dinner. We're having friends over and I'm making a Vegan Feast! Well, three courses. Here's a hint for the last course. Jenna's Vegan Chocolate Pudding

I currently have eggplants broiling in the oven. Stay tuned to see if I burned the place down!

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  1. Your hair looks great even when you just get out of bed!!!!