Friday, November 5, 2010

Vegan Feast Recipes, Part 1

For the Vegan Feast Wednesday night, I made The Pioneer Woman's Baba Ghanoush, and Jenna's Channa Masala. I'll save the amazing dessert for another post!

I put my faith in the Pioneer Woman and broiled the eggplants until they were shriveled . This took about an hour in my oven. And constant checking to make sure the kitchen was not on fire.

I think the broiling made a HUGE difference. I could taste a hint of char in the Baba Ghanoush. Guests said it was the creamiest they'd ever tasted! Two thumbs up!

Mise en place for channa masala. It was easy to do. I followed Jenna's recipe, but substituted olive oil for the butter for the onions (which she explicitly said NOT to do) and left out a jalapeno. It was plenty hot. :)

I prepped as much as I could before company arrived. It really helped me be able to be part of the fun chatting before dinner, instead of stuck in the kitchen the entire time. I served it with brown rice and plenty of cilantro. I had to add a dollop of Greek yogurt to mine to cut the spiciness (I'm a wimp).

Um... apparently I need to work on my food blogging skills. I failed at getting any finished shots. Wah Wah. To make it up to you, here is some shoe porn.

I was on a mission for gray boots. I finally found this fun pair at DSW.
Sorry for the glare! I obviously need to work on my camera skills. The bow is my favorite part.

I went back today to try and find a pair of black boots to wear with my winter skirts, and some new winter boots. Fail. My old black boots literally fell apart on me last year. The search will continue!


  1. Mmmm...I love baba ghanoush! And I LOVE those gray boots!!! Too cute!

  2. I am very very very very jealous of the gray boots. Enjoy!!! :)