Monday, December 6, 2010

Boarding Buds

Wow. Total fail on the last part of NaBloMo (or whatever the correct word is). Once I got home I lost a bit (all) motivation to blog. Oh well, moving on.

Yesterday several friends and I headed out to Keystone. Jake snowboards, as do the two other friends with whom we went. I ski. We did the lifts together, but then typically we went on separate trails. I am much more comfortable on blues than blacks. I did a black run yesterday without trouble, but they stress me out sometimes. Instead of the blacks with the boarders, I did moguls, lots of moguls, hours of moguls. By the end of the day, I definitely felt I had a rythm going. :)

Somehow, on one of the lift rides, my brake and R's binding got entangled. We realized this about five seconds before getting off. This made getting off the lift super-interesting. I still have no idea how we managed it without falling, but we did. Go team, go!

Upcoming posts: sushi making party and the DRESS!


  1. Holy baby Jesus! I gasped aloud when I read those last two words. Please don't make us wait too long!!!! :)

    Also, are you going home for Christmas or will you be in Denver? If it's the latter, we should catch a movie together or something else fun.

  2. I am excited for the sushi making party and pics of "the dress"!!!!