Friday, December 17, 2010

Overzealous with the cleaning

Our Christmas party is tonight! Yesterday was the big bake-a-thon. I made three types of cookies and baba ganoush. Pictures and recipes will be up tomorrow. Hopefully.

I just got an email from my boss telling me there's a meeting tomorrow morning - in Nederland. Nederland is about 80 minutes from my place. Ick. I can't complain too much, though. The boss postponed his flight by three days to have the meeting.

The place needed a big clean. I even washed the marble fireplace! I ran out of 409 a few weeks ago and just grabbed the Target equivalent. I noticed it "contains bleach" but did not think much of it. There has definitely been a slightly bleach-y smell on previous cleans, but nothing crazy. Today, however, I have already managed to bleach my pants and my face. Ow. Luckily, the pants are some old sweats and the face got washed immediately. Still, I did not spray the stuff directly onto me - it bounced off the sink and floor. That's a bit too much bleach for me. I might hold off on the kitchen for a bit - that's the place most in need of cleaning.

Cookie break!

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  1. I am afraid of bleach! I don't use it because I have ruined clothes with it in the past!