Wednesday, January 30, 2013

San Francisco Day One!

I hope y'all are ready for some pictures.  
We arrived in San Francisco late Friday night and crashed at a hotel near the airport.  We woke up bright and early to make our way to stop number 1 for the day, but first, we got to go over the Golden Gate Bridge!
 After a fun drive, we arrived at our destination, Muir Woods National Monument.
 Home of the Redwoods
 This was one place I really wanted to go.  I've never seen any living thing so large.

 We hiked around for a bit marveling at the trees (and poor signage).  Tons of other hikers stopped us to ask where they were or how to get to the entrance...  We must have looked very knowledgeable in our sweet soft-shells.  
 After the woods, we drove along the coastline to Sonoma Wine Country!


Also, a random unicorn statue for your enjoyment.

 We had this pass for Saturday and Sunday.  It basically enabled us to go to about 70+ wineries and get in without paying a tasting fee. 
We got to meet up with a law school friend who was also out and about boozing it up.  Sadly, we both failed at getting pictures. 

Imagine a picture of two cute girls with wine glasses here.  

Most places had some sort of snack in addition to all the wine.
This place had a cow made out of corks.  Even draw. 

We then checked into our B and B for the evening.  Very lovely place, the Cottage Inn and Spa.  This was our private dining area where they delivered fresh pastries in the morning. 
 Gorgeous!  Off to the side is killer jacuzzi.  We managed to blow a fuse trying to use it. Whoops! 
 At this point, we'd purchased two bottles of wine.  There will be more purchased tomorrow! 


  1. We are headed to CA for the redwoods this summer...I'm pumped! I was out there for a work trip but only Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, no redwoods that time. Have fun! :)